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JoyPath Developer by Ahmet Akcakoca

JoyPath is an addictive puzzle game. Strategic thinking is necessary to go over endless pleasure with limitless level.
Adorable fun, beautiful game about colors and path.

JoyPath Upgrade System

Forget about all games which you know! No swipe, no change here!
Just make your strategy, we will find path and move your colors for you
Match or more colors horizontally - vertically - diagonally, collect fruist and points to explore more levels.
Be careful, path is important! Your color is not a ghost to pass inside another color.
Not to be stucked in the game make more matches to gain awesome gifts.


- Language Support (English, Spanish, French, Turkish)
- Big bomber (explodes all same colors on click)
- Starred colors (explodes same colors on explosion )
- TNT line bomber (explodes horizontal lines on click)
- Bonus gifts
- Simple, pure, innovative gameplay
- 100 different levels
- Free to play